Guest: Dr. Jenny Tung, Associate Professor of Biology, Duke University; 2023 MacArthur Foundation fellow (“genius” grant)
Topics: Interplay between genes and behavior, Ambesoli Baboon Research Project, social status among baboons and rhesus macaques


Dr. Jenny Tung


Science News: “Jenny Tung wants to know how social stresses mess with genes”

Tung Lab

Duke Today: “Duke’s Jenny Tung Wins $625K MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant”

Amboseli Baboon Research Project

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Cystic Fibrosis Breakthrough

Guest: Dr. Scott Donaldson, Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill; Associate Director, Marsico Clinical and Translational Research Center; Director, UNC Adult CF Care Center
Topics: Breakthrough new treatment for cystic fibrosis, CF diagnostics, other new CF therapies, CFTR mutations


Dr. Scott Donaldson


FDA approves new breakthrough therapy for cystic fibrosis

“Long-awaited cystic fibrosis drug could turn deadly disease into a manageable condition” Washington Post, October 31, 2023

UNC Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center

Scott’s Department of Medicine faculty page

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo February 5, 2023

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Aye Aye Lemur Sixth Digit

Guest: Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, NC State University
Topics: Recent discovery of a sixth digit “pseudothumb” in aye-aye lemurs, Adam’s other research in functional morphology and comparative anatomy in vertebrates




“Add ‘Pseudo Thumb’ to the Aye Aye Lemur’s Bizarre Anatomy” NY Times 10/21/19

“Gimme Six! Researchers Discover Aye-Aye’s Extra Finger” NCSU press release

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Air Pollution

Guest: Dr. Dan Costa, retired National Research Program Director for Air, Climate and Energy Research Program, USEPA; Adjunct Professor, Environment Sciences and Engineering, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
Topics: Air pollution research, air pollution toxicology, EPA, climate change, particulate matter

Dr. Dan Costa


Dan’s UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health faculty page

“Historical Highlights of Air Pollution Toxicology”

“Air Pollution Toxicology: A Brief Review of the Role of the Science in Shaping the Current Understanding of Air Pollution Health Risks”

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo October 23, 2023

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Guest:Dr. Andrew George, Community Engagement Coordinator, Center for Public Engagement with Science; Lecturer, Environment, Ecology & Energy Program, UNC Institute for the Environment; host of “Furious George” show on WCOM
Topics: Research on well-water contamination, environmental justice, community engagement in environmental problem-solving


Dr. Andrew George


Andrew’s bio page, UNC Institute for the Environment

UNC Center for Public Engagement with Science

“Over Half of Chatham Wells Show High Levels of Contaminants” Chatham News & Record, June 23, 2023

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Click to Download: Radio In Vivo August 28, 2023

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Guest: Dr. Xunrong Luo, Instructor, Departments of Medicine and Pathology, Duke University School of Medicine; Director of Translation, Duke Transplant Center
Topic: Transplantation state of the science, transplantation tolerance, immunosuppression, non-chimeric approach, new technologies in transplantation



Dr. Xunrong Luo


Xunrong Luo Duke faculty page

“Transplantation Tolerance through Hematopoietic Chimerism: Progress and Challenges for Clinical Translation” article from Frontiers in Immunology

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“The outstanding questions in transplantation: It’s about time” article from American Journal of Transplantation

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo August 21, 2023

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E-cigarettes and vaping

Guest: Dr. Ilona Jaspers, Professor, Departments of Environmental Science and Engineering; Pediatrics, Microbiology and Immunology; Director, Curriculum in Toxicology; Deputy Director, Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill
Topics: Vaping and E-cigarettes health effects research, cinnamaldehyde (e-cigarette flavoring additive), translational studies related to air pollution health effects, cigarette smoking, nicotine addiction, burn pit smoke exposure study





Video: “Why underestimating the health effects of vaping is a bad idea”

The Jaspers Lab

NY Times: “Cinnamon may be safe in foods, but is it safe in e-cigarettes?”

UNC School of Medicine researchers receive $9.96 million U.S. DoD grant (burn pits study)

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo July 17, 2023

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Tissue regeneration

Guest: Dr. Kenneth Poss, James B. Duke Professor of Cell Biology; Director, Regeneration Next Initiative, Duke University School of Medicine
Topics: Tissue regeneration, zebrafish regeneration model; heart, appendage, and spinal cord regeneration, Regeneration Next Initiative


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Dr. Kenneth Poss


The Poss Lab


“Can broken hearts be mended? Ken Poss, a pioneer on heart regeneration research”

Ken’s Department of Cell Biology faculty page

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo May 22, 2023

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Gene therapy for Pompe disease

Guest: Dr. Dwight Koeberl, Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology; Medical Director, Pediatric Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Duke University
Topics: Gene therapy clinical trial for Pompe disease, gene therapy history and current practice, enzyme replacement therapy, newborn screening, Actus Therapeutics



Dr. Dwight Koeberl


Dwight’s faculty page

ClinicalTrials.gov listing for Pompe gene therapy trial

Dr. Kishnani’s faculty page

Actus Therapeutics

“Gene therapy trial for Pompe disease begins” DCRI press release, February 5, 2023

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo April 24, 2023

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Guest: Dr. Herman Pontzer, Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University
Topics: Evolution of human metabolism, constrained energy expenditure model, physical activity and metabolism, the science of diet & exercise, cardiometabolic health in hunter-gatherers



Dr. Herman Pontzer


Herman’s Duke faculty page

“Debunking the Hunter-Gatherer Workout” NY Times article by Herman, 2012

“The Myth of Metabolism, Exercise, and Weight Loss” AARP article by Herman

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo March 6, 2023

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